It’s nearly 3 months after the pioneer Team Mountain team reached Kilimanjaro’s peak and already, we’re planning the 2018 journey! That beautiful mountain, positioned with a backdrop of the most decent, deserving people on earth, is calling for our return. Join us! Email info@TeamMountain.org for details of the second trip, now much easier, with the confidence of having one trip under our belts.

It took a full week to overcome jet lag! But during the past two months, the struggles, long days, nauseous mornings, sleepless nights and sore knees have faded. These memories are slowly being replaced with images of the kids we visited at Treasures of Africa Orphanage, the thoughts of our porters’ embrace after reaching summit, and the sight of a team of porters hoisting my son in the air to celebrate his journey. Within another month or so, surely, only the positive will remain in our minds, and we’ll be in full preparation for our second trip in June of 2018. Wanna feel this? Climb on!

Our Sponsors

Ironically, in order to start to movement encouraging folks to help one another, we needed help. We found it in these two organizations. Planet Fitness has been a great partner and supporter of this campaign. And our guide company, Fair Travel, was selected from hundreds of companies that adhere to the highest safety standards and the ethical and fair treatment of the Tanzanian people and porters. They are not simply offering a service, but have become our partner and friends!