We are determined to climb Kilimanjaro in June of 2017.

We are committed to helping you climb your own mountains! Please consider funding this campaign so we can continue to grow this outreach project.

If you’re looking for the members of Team Mountain, look first at a mirror.  We’re all on the same team in life, regardless of our intentions. That’s right, the best of the best, and your creepy uncle Cletus all share this planet. Sooner or later, we cross paths with other humans who we need or who are in need. Do we notice? Are we available? How many opportunities do we miss to hold up another rather than put them down? Following our kidney transplant surgeries, Greg and I were both left with the feeling that we were destined to do more. To somehow inspire others to overcome obstacles whether those be physical, emotional or spiritual in nature. We quickly learned that reaching people was difficult as everyone was seemingly struggling to overcome whatever task lay in their path at the moment. So in order to reach people, we knew we needed to put ourselves in a similar situation, so we chose another mountain, and a literal one in Mount Kilimanjaro, the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. Our first trip to Tanzania will be in June of 2017. We expect to learn as much or more than we can share along the way.

Our Sponsors

Ironically, in order to start to movement encouraging folks to help one another, we needed help. We found it in these two organizations. Planet Fitness has been a great partner and supporter of this campaign. And our guide company, Fair Travel, was selected from hundreds of companies that adhere to the highest safety standards and the ethical and fair treatment of the Tanzanian people and porters. They are not simply offering a service, but have become our partner and friends!