Team Mountain was founded out of frustration. Following a 2016 kidney transplant (donation) surgery, Bob Kuykendall wanted to share his story of faith and organ donation with others. But people were busy. Bob turned to churches and social organizations and found them to be too busy and uninterested. It seemed everyone was too busy chasing their own “mountains,” that they found it hard to listen to anything that did not advance their own goals. Local church leaders advised that the story did not meet upcoming lesson plans, a local Christian radio station stated that they only interviewed paying guests, and even Facebook “likes” and comments drastically reduced after the newness of the story faded. So the idea to climb the tallest free-standing mountain in the world was born. It was a way to say, “We’re all climbing. I respect your climb, whatever it is, and I want to support you. After all, we’re all in this together.” First step, decide how to get to Tanzania, Africa. A call to Delta Airlines soon found more of the same. A Delta customer service rep’ explained that the company receives countless requests for special treatment or discounts each year, so a discount, even for a good cause, was out of the question. The only way to receive any consideration or benefit was to travel as a group of 10 or more. And so the invitations began. At first, it was just a way to complete the goal of Bob, his kidney recipient and Bob’s son traveling to the iconic climb, but it was all part of a greater plan to grow this idea into a vehicle of change. Fast forward to May of 2017, the first Team Mountain trek of Kilimanjaro was undertaken by twelve individuals, each with his/her own goal or charity-support mission. So the page below is open for you. There are 12 slots for the 2018 Kilimanjaro trek.




We are now holding slots for the 2018 trek which will take place on or about May 27, 2018 through June 6. Each climber in the 2018 trip will be afforded space on this site to advertise your charity and your goal for bring funds or awareness to your cause. With one trip under our belts, we are so much more knowledgeable of what to anticipate on this once in a lifetime (for most) trip and look forward to working with you to accomplish this incredible journey. Contact us HERE.


Bob is one of the founders of Team Mountain. Bob is currently a Special Agent with the FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations, and has worked in federal law enforcement for over 25 years, serving with the FBI, US Postal Inspection Service and now in his current role, investigating allegations of violation of drug laws, consumer fraud, medical quackery and terrorism. On the day this bio was entered, the days remaining in Bob’s government service is 170. Bob plans to retire at the age of 50 and move to full-time Realtor. Bob’s Real Estate Page. Bob also has a passion for substitute teaching, speaking, and is the author of the first in crime fiction series, The Addict – Closed Case Files.  Bob has a passion for “living,” and is looking forward to adding pictures and video from Mount Kilimanjaro to his funeral video (yes, he has a funeral video) to those of him skydiving, scuba diving, and rock climbing. Bob married his high school sweetheart, Kelly, and the two have two amazing kids, Maddie (at Auburn) and Cade (his partner for Kili).


Cade is an 9th grader at Chelsea High School. Cade is Bob’s anchor for this journey and has struggled with his own obstacles that may be shared as the campaign continues. Cade has a recently-found love of rock climbing and recently competed in his first American Ninja Warrior (area) competition, finishing 3rd, and qualifying for the Regional ANW competition. You can check him out in action HERE.