Big Mountain Ahead!

By February 17, 2017Uncategorized

I hate blogs! I’m actually confused by them. Is it a personal diary that we write and then allow others to take a peak at? Is it a platform for social change or injustice? And who in the world would read a message about life from a guy who is such a small part of the world and uses the word “at” at the end of his sentences from time to time? As I sit here today, transferring the work and progress we’ve made in the TeamMountain movement to digital form, I type away, all the while wondering if any human will ever see this. I will return here, possibly in vain, to document our journey that so far has consisted of shopping and training. Our plane leaves for Tanzania in about 100 days. I cannot possibly imagine what lies ahead, but I will return frequently to share in hopes that someone out there who is struggling with their own “mountains” will possibly see that we want to climb with you; for you. We know the average person doesn’t have a voice and feels lost at times. Our pledge is to take on a challenge in honor of those of you who conquer the greatest of challenges that death, disease, misfortune and the daily challenges of life bring. Let’s climb.

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