Fighting the Kardashians

By February 19, 2017Uncategorized

Thirty days ago, Greg and I launched our fundraising page and decided to raise $19,340 for the Kidney Foundation, a modest amount of money as far as some fundraisers go, but a number that represented the 19,340′ elevation of Kilimanjaro. Over the past two weeks, we’ve hosted two events, one that involved me climbing 19,000 steps on a stair master (counting towards our 24 hour climb of 38,680 steps), and am currently in the middle of a 3 day, 30 mile hike. These painful and exhausting events have raised a total of $700. While hiking today with Cade, I pictured any number of lame “celebrities” that I put in quotes because many are famous for being famous. Take any of the Atlanta or Beverly Hills Housewives, or pick a Kardashian. I imagined them having an emergency situation, like, maybe their Yorki-Poo got squished on Madison Avenue. I wondered to myself how long it would take to raise $20,000 by one of those “famous” people…20 million for that matter. With one Twitter post, the money would roll in. Why do we do that? It seems like people are so willing to give attention and even money if necessary, in the hopes of maybe being pulled up to the next socioeconomic level. People in the middle or lower classes seem to have lost their voice. And on the rare occasion when one of us “normal” people lucks into something big, how often do we forget about those we left behind? People are just too damn busy with crap that won’t matter in 50 years. How much better could live be if we gave as much of ourselves to our homeless vets, neighbors who receive a devastating disease diagnosis, or just childhood friends trying to make it to a steady place in life?  We might as well be trying to raise $19 million dollars! My son said to me today, “I think it would be easier to get someone to give a kidney than to give up their money,” and that’s just what we’re gonna do next. Forget the cash. We want a kidney!

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