I want a kidney!

By February 23, 2017Uncategorized

My son and I spent the weekend on a 30 mile hike at beautiful Oak Mountain State Park, trying to raise awareness (and funds) for the Kilimanjaro trip in June which is just an awareness campaign in itself, for kidney donation. With the microphone in his face for a live shot on the morning “Good Day Alabama” show, my son told the reporter that famous people, people who have money and power, could easily obtain more money at the drop of a hat, while “people like us” had a very tough time getting others to part with their money even for a good cause. His thoughts, I’m sure, came from my ramblings over the weekend, which I expressed partly in the “Fighting the Kardashians” post. But he expressed himself so surprisingly well, and then went on to state that it would be easier to get a kidney from someone that it would be to get their donation, even for a good cause – and I believe it. So we’re now committed to do just that! We want a kidney. If you’ve ever remotely considered being a living organ donor, please give me a chance to speak with you, giving you exactly the process from beginning to end, and walk you through the gift of life. I may very well be the most rewarding thing you ever get to do while alive. Submit a request for info via our Contact Page.

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