Climb on!      The new logo is official and we’re pumped! The mountain is an obstacle. It represents the bills, the need for a table full of groceries, that tough high school teacher you have to face in 7th period, a recent diagnosis, a loss of life, and the list goes on. We make it through life climbing one obstacle after another – some great and some small – but they pass the time until we are old and have seemingly less mountains to climb; but they are the very big ones.

The faint 2 and 4 in our logo represents Philippians 2:4, that strips away all the rules and guidelines many churches have plastered on our spiritual journey, and reminds us of a great foundation of life, no matter what your specific religious beliefs are – to look out for one another. “Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interest of others.” NKJV

And the tag line, “Climb on!” originates from a new love (Bob & Cade) of rock climbing. I have loved that my son trusts me and that he takes my safety so seriously, when we take turns belaying each other. If you’ve ever rock climbed, you know that the climb begins with a series of acknowledgement questions and answers between the climber and his/her belay. The start of the climb being, “Climbing,” meaning, “Hey, pay attention, I’m about to start,” to which the person on belay replies, “Climb on!” This is perfect for the Team Mountain family because the reply is how we should all attempt to interact with one another…”Go ahead, brother, climb your mountain! I can’t climb it for you, but I’ll be right hear when you get over it. And during your climb, I’ll support you, give advise if you want it, and catch you if you fall.”

Climb on, my friends!

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