…everyone would like you

Today I clicked on one of those silly Facebook teasers, this one was to see the celebrity you most resemble. I got a little chuckle out of the Ryan Gosling transformation but then was frustrated by what TeamMountain hopes to fight against, the thing most people realize is true, but you rarely see in print. The app told me this: “You’re already the most handsome, coolest, and greatest guy around… if you were a huge celebrity, you’d be everyone’s favorite.” We all know the random machine told me I was cool and handsome so my ego would beg my brain to post it back on Facebook and again and again, and the clever app maker would get whatever payments or advertising money those things generate. But what got me is that whomever wrote the text that is sent to the person like me with nothing better to do than see if I do in fact look like some over-paid “celebrity,” wrote a sad but true fact in our existence. “If you are famous, people like you.” Why the hell is that? I mean some people are so good, so awesome, so selfless that people are drawn to them and their story gets well known, thus, they are famous – I get that. And sometimes, people go through something so epic that others feel for them, want to lift them up, and they become famous- like that guy who was trapped between two rocks and cut off his own arm with a pocket knife…or April the giraffe. But why in the world do we lift up people who are famous for being famous? If a taxi door opened on Broadway and a police officer, school teacher, mother of triplets, and any one of the Atlanta Housewives got out, who would we run to and support? Who would get our attention and praise? In 80 years, all 4 of those taxi passengers will be dead – the great equalizer. Same team, people!

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