Do people really suck?

God gave humans the ability to communicate in order to progress as a people, to move forward, to support one another and advance as a society. Some where, that got off track. Most likely because we are a society of “things,” and if someone else has a “thing,” it means you do not.  People have a evolutionary-type gene I believe that pushes us forward. We either advance our goals, obtain money, power, better, more, faster, or we become a less-desirable individual. If we lose our power then we lose our influence over others and all we’re left with is the hope that someone needs us in order to advance their own goal – their own pursuit for power – and so we’re able to ride their coattails for a bit, gaining a little upswing in our life, hopefully continuing the rise, at least high enough that we surpass others who are less powerful and less influential, and thus easy to use as we see fit to advance a little more, bringing them along, too, until they’ve served their purpose. And the cycle continues.

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