To say a person is successful, in our society, usually means that person has money or power, or both. But what makes a person successful? In the very basic of terms, one who has succeeded is successful. And to “succeed” means to reach a goal. So if my goal is to quietly turn 50 in the recliner, a few pounds heavier than the year before, but still breathing, then I have succeeded and am, by definition, successful. The goal of Team Mountain is to push individuals to the extreme limits, in support of those who are doing the same thing by no choice of their own. Every day, people are rushed to the hospital,  people undergo unexpected surgeries, people are connected to their life-saving dialysis machines or undergo another round of chemotherapy. These people are surviving and that is the goal for them. Compare those people now to the man who has a goal to close 100 business deals this year, or to upgrade from a 3 to 5 series BMW – it all seems pointless sometimes. Team Mountain’s ultimate goal is to identify and support those who support others, and to encourage the world to do the same. Most likely, we will never fully succeed.

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