Alabamians WAITING (2/18)

Although TeamMountain will support our climbers with their own outreach campaigns, and the core members of TeamMountain may move on to support other great causes, we will always remember the Kidney Foundation and will be an advocate for kidney donation because it was the impetus for our TeamMountain concept. Please read the story on our Home Page! Although we have too much information to share in this little text box, we want to be available for anyone who has ever thought about being a kidney donor. There are many great websites and articles out there, but we will share our story with you about how it all works from the first completed form to the recovery and follow-up testing. Please contact us via the Contact Page and we will walk with you through the entire process. Give yourself the amazing opportunity to see what it feels like to make such a difference in someone’s life with very little interruption in your own.

We are not a large company…in fact, we’re not a company, at all, just a few guys trying to spread a message. So we’re trying this on the fly. If you submit payment for any product via the associated PayPal link, please follow it up with a message from our Contact page with your address and contact info. Please be on the lookout for reputable merchants who may be willing to support this campaign by holding our branded material.

Philippians 2:4

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Climb Your Mountain
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Through May 1, for every TeamMountain shirt purchased at $17, we will delivery one of these Climb Your Mountain t-shirts to an individual in a Moshi, Tanzania village. Photos will be shared on the Events Page of TeamMountain.org

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In 2010, The Addict: Closed Case Files of Special Agent Maddison Cade was obtained by Tribe Literary Agency, and subsequently published. Although the book met some limited success, it fell short of Oprah’s Book Club List (very short!).  It is further evidence of things happening at a pace at which God intends, not us, even when it seems to be a critical event. Often times, what seems like a failure is just an event or item that does not yet fall into His timeline.

The Addict is based on real life events of a recovering drug addict, who, at his lowest point in life, taught a “successful” man the true meaning of success.

Looking back, it is so amazing how the concept of this book was in my mind so many years ago, and after it failed to reach world-wide attention, I simply moved on to the next adventure. The book was only a local success (my mom’s Sunday school class) because at the time, I was not in a place to recognize its true message and purpose.