If you got here by way of Realtor-Bob.com, don’t worry, you’re in the right place!

As a retired federal agent (or soon-to-be (217 days) as of the creation of this page), Bob’s very accustomed to living on a budget – and a tight one at times. The business of real estate often drives realtors to a feeling of competitiveness and a “get the listing at all cost” frame of mind. Bob’s unique position of holding a pension enables him to be driven by the desire to serve others and leave a name legacy, rather than to make every penny possible. This mindset is evident from the first meeting.

You can support the future of Team Mountain through much-appreciated donations, or you can support the future of Team Mountain by making Bob work for you through ARC Realty-powered real estate services.

Want a consultation? Bob@Realtor-Bob.com or better yet, call him directly at 205-413-0600 and put his “answer every time” challenge to the test.

Bob assisted us with the sale of our mother's home after she passed away. Bob maintained contact with us through the process from the time the For Sale sign went up until it was sold in less than 30 days. His genuine spirit, kindness and values truly showed that he was sincere when he told us that he would help through the process of the sale. He worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure we had the best outcome possible.

Erica Stanford

Founding an organization like Team Mountain is tough, and part of what makes it tough is the constant need for funding. The old saying, “it takes money to make money” is very true indeed. Destination, 501c3: the constant need for financial investment in this dream is challenging, and it is particularly challenging for a guy who has lived with a fairly consistent money in, money out, bi-monthly government paycheck for over 24 years.  In 2016, Bob, planning for retirement from federal law enforcement, obtained his real estate license. The title of “part-time realtor” quickly modified to “exclusive realtor,” because he limited his real estate activities to one client at a time. Customers were blown away with his level of personal attention. Real estate income has been a blessing for Bob and for Team Mountain. In lieu of constant begging for financial support and donations, Bob utilizes real estate income for a personal investment in the future of Team Mountain.

You ever see those realty teams made up of two realtors? They’re teaming up to offer a more prompt service, maybe to be more responsive, or perhaps to share the costs associated with holding a license (and share the commissions).

There are two Team Mountain Realty members – Bob and his current client. This is another great example of the Team Mountain concept. A realtor is in the business of bringing about and overseeing a successful real estate transaction, legally, ethically, and to the benefit of his/her client. But to be clear, that realtor is on his or her own path of perceived success reached through closings. To Bob, real estate is simply a tool to allow for continued service to others and to fund what he truly believes is part of his legacy and life purpose.

Looking to buy or sell in Jefferson or Shelby County?

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Call the realtors you heard about at church, your kid’s soccer practice, and from your crazy cousin Jimmy-John, then call Bob at 205-413-0600 and see what happens when a realtor works with a sense of purpose that goes beyond just another closing.